How We Work

Independent Wealth Advisors


Each and every family is different. They have different objectives, tax situations, balance sheets, and entity structures. Optimizing both planning and investment results for each unique family requires building and managing customized wealth management solutions. Read more about Our Services.


It is impossible to build customized investment solutions without a full understanding of a client’s goals and objectives. Our expertise in both financial planning and investing allow us to integrate the two as we endeavor in order to protect and grow your wealth. Our planning expertise allows us to identify opportunities beyond your investment portfolio. Read more about Investment Management Services.


Our focus on individual investors means that we evaluate investments based on their after-tax returns. Our team works to build diversified portfolios using a combination of low expense, tax efficient investments with a focus on passive investing and active management when the portfolio expense is justified by the potential risk adjusted returns.


We aspire to build client relationships that will endure from generation to generation. Many of these clients come to us with their own attorney, accountants, and/or insurance professionals already engaged. Our mission is not to replace these other advisors. Rather it is to make sure that all of these advisors are working together as a coordinated team focusing on your objectives.


Our fees are based on assets under management and, if applicable, planning services. We accept no product-based compensation, thereby maintaining our independence and aligning our interests with yours. We are fiduciaries at all times, with both a legal and an ethical obligation to act in the best interests of our clients.


Objectivity – Put the clients’ interest first

Confidentiality – Respect the confidentiality of our client relationships

Competence – Ongoing education but understand limitations

Professionalism – Treat all others with respect

Integrity – Adhere to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our work